2 - 4 September 2023
Fairtrade & Fairmined Gold - Casting Grain and Semi-Finished Products
A Produkt of: Fairever GmbH

Casting Grain
Highly purified gold granulate with a purity of 999.9 ‰ and a mixed grain size of approx. 0.2 - 4 mm. These granules (casting grain) are ideally suitable for jewelers, goldsmiths and manufacturers for smelting, alloying and casting and ultimately for the production of semi-finished products and finished jewelry.

Semi-Finished Products
We offer semi-finished products in various alloys, colors and shapes. All fine gold contained in our alloys (75% in "750" alloys or 58.5% in "585" alloys) has been responsibly mined by Fairmined or Fairtrade certified small-scale mining organizations, fairly traded and certified according to the relevant standards.


Ms. Desiree Binternagel
Fairever GmbH


Fairever GmbH

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